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Flowering Echinodorus osirus

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<< From: "Darren R. Gold" <dargol at email_msn.com>
 Subject: Flowering Echinodorus osirus
 Hello all!
 I have 7 E. osiris plants growing, and two have decided to simultaneously
 send up flower stalks.  They extend about 6 inches above the surface and are
 just beginning to bloom.  Should I allow them to continue and let nature
 take it's course or should I submerge them and hope they produce plantlets?


I just wanted to relate to you that my Osiris has also just sent up flower
stalks. I wonder if they typically bloom at a specific time of year or what
may trigger a bloom?

I have had my ruffled swords bloom earlier this summer and after I submerged
the flower stalks, they produced a number of plantlets. I plan on doing the
same with the Osiris.

Good Luck,