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Re: Aponogeton crispus

>From reading the archives I gather that I should pick up some small
>paint brush to polinate by hand as it may or may not be self fertile.
>If anyone can give me some insight on the propigation of this plant it
>would be most appreciated.

When mine started flowering about six months ago, I kept clipping off the
shoot.  It was taking over the tank.  Sometimes, it found its way out the
back of the tank near the filter, but generally it wound around, and around,
and around the tank first.  Anyway, when I clipped it, another shoot always
grew immediately, which often went to the surface of the tank (30 gallon) in
about two days.  Once, it actually sent up two shoots.  Monster.

I finally decided to let nature take its course, and stopped clipping the
shoot.  I posted here, and was warned that if you let a crispus go to seed,
it can often trigger dormancy.  It's not quite dormant now, but the growth
on the plant has been very slow ever since.  It has regrown the leaves (I
removed all but a few, because they'd gone brown), but hasn't sprouted any
shoots since then.  I've moved it to a different tank, and it seems to be
recovering a little bit.

Anyway, that time, the stalk just wound around inside the tank.  I got one
seed pod, which sprouted right on the stalk (they're supposed to drop off,
but this one didn't - others may have dropped off, and I just didn't notice
them).  It drifted up from where I planted it, so it's either camouflaged as
a dwarf grass or val, or it got buried somewhere and died.  I couldn't find
it when I uprooted everything, and moved it all to a new, larger tank.