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Re: Looking for current mail order source for SAEs

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> Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 11:11:51 -0500
> From: "Wilson" <jwilson at knology_net>
> Subject: Looking for current mail order source for SAEs
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> Does anyone know of a current mail order source for "real" Siamese algae
> eaters? Would anyone like to speculate on how many I should start up a
> densely planted 225 gallon tank with?
> Jon Wilson

I think that all of us are looking for a source for SAEs.  I have been
looking for them for two years, and have only found them twice.  Once in
Clio, Michigan (Somethin's Fishy), and once in New York City (New World
Aquarium).  I currently own 9 of them and wouldn't sell them at ANY
price.  If I ever find them again, I will buy the store out of them
again.  BTW,,,prices seem to run about $3 each.  Considering the rarity
of these fish, I'm amazed that the stores that DO get them don't charge
outragous prices.

I would guess about 10 of them for the 225 gallon, but if you get the
chance, buy more.  You can always sell them to other hobbyists.

Greg Cox (Neptune)
neptune at con2_com