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A. crispus flowering! wohoo!


Have great news, my largest crispus plant has a spike stiking about oh
2" (as of now, will change shortly as it's growing FAST) out of the tank
(20 gallon long)  Already I have noticed a rattle snake looking end on
it, about 1" - 1.5" long.  The concern I have is since it's sticking out
of the tank will any care be needed like keeping it misted, and am most
interested in the methods of growing the new seed's.  Brings up another
point, how many seeds does 1 plant usually produce?

From reading the archives I gather that I should pick up some small
paint brush to polinate by hand as it may or may not be self fertile.
If anyone can give me some insight on the propigation of this plant it
would be most appreciated.