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Re: water filter

Roger writes:

>  The pH difference isn't very significant because it changes with the CO2
>  content; it's really only the 1 degree change in alkalinity that makes any
>  difference to the use of this water in an aquarium, and that 1 degree 
>  doesn't (to me) justify the expense of using the filter for water
>  Maybe with a newer filter the change would be bigger.
When I used a Brita to fill and maintain my tanks a couple years ago, I was
careful to use the filter for no more than 32 gallons, as recommended on the
package.  I was not checking KH in those days, but GH went from 12 degrees to
4 degrees.  I only got a drop in pH from 7.8 to 7.4.  Further pH reductions
remained difficult to obtain, so I suspect KH remained at or near tap water
levels.  For my South American fish, the change in general hardness was

Bob Dixon