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Re: Algae story (fairy tale???)

>From: "Wim Hanssens" <Wim.Hanssens at village_uunet.be>

>If the story below were true , can somebody please explain to me why I've
>got BBA on ons side of my 30 gallon tank and not on the other(not one single
>strand). I have several rocks in there. All but 2 are covered in the stuff.
>You will have a hard time convincing me that balanced conditions exist in
>one side of my tank and not in the  other; (the uncovered rocks ar near to
>the covered side). I've got the tank for about 2 years now, and have tried
>with and without CO2, frequent water changes/less frequent, fertiizing
>heavily/not at all. All this leaves the BBA unimpressed.My platys tug at the
>stuff all the time, but this does not help either.

The only thing that comes to mind is a difference in lighting on one side,
say caused by window light... or a local allelopathic effect of plants on
the side without algae.

>I'm no expert , but the only sensible thing I've read so far (not on this
>list) is that BBA came with Crypts from the East, and you've either got it
>or you haven't. SAE's might be able to keep it under control, but I will
>only be able to try that in my next thank, as this one is being permanenly
>overstocked by my Platies. I've been lurking on this list and a German one
>for nearly two years now and reading several magazines. I have yet to see a
>reproducable method to get rid of BBA. 

See the KRIB. There are several articles on controlling it and making it
visually disappear to the naked eye. I can make it go away. However, it may
never be completely gone. When water conditions and nutrient balance
change, it may come back.

>as a last note: if all it takes is a balanced tank then why did the Goldfish
>tank have BBA. Surely your goldfish have just as much rights to a balanced
>tank as your other fish? 

Balance and patience is good. But the goal is to create an environment
unfavorable for the algae. Have you considered the possibility that the
goldfish tank generate lots of nutrients... without nutrient limited water
column or enough animals to eat it, the BBA can outgrow the best herbivores. 

FWIW I think in this case the (sudden?) temp
>difference is what killed the stuff, plus the fact that SAE (or others) can
>"prevent" an outbreak (when hungry enough), but will not clean up a BBA
>infested tank.

Sorry, I have to dissagree with you.