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Re: Glass covers/reflectors

>From: Robert Ricketts <rtricketts at erols_com>
>Some cover is needed unless you are using waterproff end caps,and even
>then is desirable- makes cleaning the tubes easier.  I don't use glass
>on plant tanks w/NO fluorescents, substitute thin plastics for higher
>transmission and replace them periodically.

FWIW, I don't use glass covers on any of my planted aquaria. I decided that
the glass reduces the light intensity by 10 percent ...... and more when
the glass gets dusty or its underside gets algae. For almost 10 years, I
haven't noticed any fishes jump out. While fishes will jump from an
uncovered bucket, they won't from a comfortable larger setting....
especially one with plants <g>. One of my tanks doesn't use water proof
endcaps and I have not seen a problem. I wouldn't non-wp endcaps for a
marine tank and I am careful not to splash water on them. IMHO, the biggest
drawback to uncovered tanks is the increased evaporation and higher indoor
humidity during humid summers. I wouldn't care in AZ, but in NC it is a
nuisance, especially in a small enclosed space. However, it is great in the
winter when more indoor humidity is needed. I also love to tell the heating
and AC guy that I don't need to buy his humidifier!

Neil Frank