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Keeping pH Down (Muratic Acid)

How do I keep my pH down? Previously I had problems with lowering it. Now I
can't keep it down. I used a little Muratic Acid (31.4% Hydrochloric Acid) to
lower my pH. It would drop all the way to 6.4 and my fish would gain a bright
red color. My fish (blood parrots) need a pH of 7 or lower in order to have
red color. If the pH is 7 or higher my fish turn a pale color. (It's kind of
like a pH test =P) After about 8 hours the pH shoots right back up to 7.4. I
would like a pH of 6.8 but I just cant keep the pH down. I have set up another
tank so that I could mess around with the pH without hurting the fish. Any
advice is apreciated.