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Re: Good Lighting Sites

In a message dated 98-10-01 15:55:39 EDT, "A M Moore" <andy at ascot_u-net.com>
>  Tank is a 2 ft CUBE & I presently use a single Sodium (German made) plant
>  bulb 125 Watt. How many VHO bulbs would I need to produce say 3 Watts/Gall
>  what`s the best running gear ? I hear the IceCap 660 would work well but I
>  am unsure what wattage (VHO) are available & how efficient they are.
A 2 foot cube should hold roughly 60 US gallons.  A depth of 2' is gonna be
hard to get much intensity at the bottom.  Have you considered using a 175W
metal halide light?  But back to your question, I don't know much about VHO
but I think the lamps in 2' length are rated 75W.  So you would need 3,
because they are not very efficient.  Instead, I would probably try about
three or four 40W or 50W or 55W "PL-L" compact fluorescents, a.k.a. "high
lumen Biax" or "Dulux L".  If you use the 22.5" 40W PL-L, you can run them off
a F32T8 or F40T8 ballast, although it probably won't be a UL approved
combination.  I just kludged one for my 20H tank with a high ballast factor T8
ballast and it is quite bright.  Ought to be much better once I give it a
proper reflector.  

I can't help you much with web sites cuz I don't know what you are looking
for.  Try searching for (+VHO & aq*) in INFOSEEK and see what you get.