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Treating Plants from a "Diseased" Tank

Here's a topic we don't see a lot.  My wife and I breed Apistogramma in
several 10 and 20 gallon tanks.  It's normally a great deal, because it
means I have lots of tanks to grow plants (mostly low-tech Java Fern and
Anubias, but still...).  Twice in the past we've had "plague" tanks, where
there's some bacteria that has wiped out the whole fish population.  The
tank gets emptied and bleached.  But what to do with the plants?  The
easily-regrowable ones like water sprite, stem plants, or floaters get
tossed, but I always want to save the Java fern and anubias.  The first
time it happened, I did a bleach treatment, just a quick dip, but it sure
wreaked havoc on the poor plants.  Getting 'round to doing it again, and
curious what other's experiences and/or opinions are.

  - Erik

Erik D. Olson
erik at thekrib.com