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RE: Lighting recommendations

> In response to Andy Moore's lighting questions, Bob said:
> "Can you get GE "high lumen Biax" or Philips "PL-L" or Osram "Dulux L"
> lamps?
> They are 16.5 or 22.5 inches long and range from 36 to 55 watts each.  I
> am
> currently trying to build a light strip from my 20H tank using one 40W
> lamp
> and a  ballast with a high ballast factor (1.1).  The 22.5" lamps have
> longer
> life than the 16.5".  You can *probably* use a T8 electronic ballast to
> run
> the 40W 22.5" lamps; that's what I'm gonna try anyway."
> According to the "GE Electronic Ballasts" catalog that I have, you can
> drive one or two F40 BX lamps with the model C240I120RH ballast, which is
> a ballast designated specifically for the 40 watt Compact Fluorescent
> lamp.  For the 4' 32W T8 lamps, they have the B132I120RH for one lamp and
> B232I120RH for two lamps.
> But, if you want to use a high output ballast (1.1 ballast factor like
> what Bob is planning), then they specify the B232I120RHH, the _same_ one
> specified for a pair of 32W T8s (in which case the ballast factor is 1.18.
> I don't know why, but I think there's someone out there who can explain
> it.)
> As for my homemade system, I'm driving a pair of 40W compact fl. lamps
> with a regular output ballast designed for T8s, because that's what was
> specified by the manufacturer of the lamps and ballast, Osram.
> As for Andy's question, I'd suggest also looking at the regular straight
> F17 T8s.  They run off the same ballasts as the 32 watt lamps and I
> believe will fit in the two foot space.  Unless you want even more light
> than you can get from however many of these you can fit in your hood, the
> lamps may be cheaper than the compacts.  And you can use the more commonly
> available sockets and even the waterproof end caps available in the
> aquarium trade.  I haven't compared the numbers to see how much they cost
> to run per lumen, however.
> Bob also said:
> "You can *probably* use a cheap F40T12 or F40T12U ballast to power a 16.5"
> lamp.  You can *maybe* use a cheap F40T12 ballast to power a 50W or 55W
> lamp."
> I hope a ballast expert can comment on this, but I doubt that this would
> be safe, if it even works.  I think it has to do with the difference in
> design between magnetic and electronic ballasts.
> "The only US supplier I have found for the lampholders is E.Gaynor Corp at
> (800) 342-9667."
> I was able to have them ordered by a small electrical supplier in Vermont,
> so I would think most any supplier could.  Just ask them to let you look
> at their Leviton catalog and figure out which ones you want.  You probably
> want to get the socket and the clip for the other end of the lamp.  I
> think the catalog also will tell you where the clip should go relative to
> the end of the lamp.
> "I will post the success or failure with my project when I am finished (or
> when I give up.)"
> Good luck!
> Wade Shimoda