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little white worms, bio-load

Thank you Bob.  I picked up  two paleatus corys yesterday.
They are very tiny, but I have the highest expectations.

I do have a few more questions though.
Can I trade the corys back in after the worms are gone, or will they 
just come right back?
And, any ideas on how they appeared in the first place?

Concerning bio-load:  Im worried that I may be approaching capacity.
I have:  1 clown loach 2-2.5" (I know I'll eventually have to put him          
in a bigger tank)
         5 serpae tetras
         2 glass tetras
         3 Paplio.altispinosas 2", recent acquisitions(couldnt resist)
I  also need to replace a recently deseased whiptail cat.
and Im considering a gold nugget pleco(soon to be on sale for 20.00 :)

Even if this is not too many fish biologically speaking, Im worried that 
there is not enough ground space for the corys long term, plus the info 
I have states that they don't like water temp too high 
Mine is at 78F

Any thoughts???

thanks in advance

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