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Re: Gravel

In a message dated 98-05-30 15:53:41 EDT, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com 
Roger Miller writes:

<< Flint is another form of silica (color due to stable impurities), so you 
 shouldn't have any chemical problems switching to silica sand.  Silica 
 sand is very light-colored.  If you don't like the lighter color then you 
 might consider mixing it with a darker sand or just using an entirely 
 different product. >>

Thanks for the info Roger.  I initially used to get the red flint from an
aquarium wholesaler at .35 per pound than wondered into a pool supply
shop and found the stuff for .10 per pound.  It was exactly the same bag
from the manufacturer.  I used to mix the red flint with what the aquarium 
wholesaler called black beauty which was a fine blask potash byproduct
to darken the color.Today the silica sand is selling for $9.00 per 40 lb bag
wich comes to .225 per pound which is reasonable considering inflation.

Since there are no local sources of red flint and black beauty I think I''ll
switch to the silica gravel.  Hopefully a 50% mix with my old gravel will
darlen the color enough so it is acceptable to my decorating tastes.

If anyone has suggestin on darker colored gravels I'm all ears.