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Re: Gravel

Hello Dennis:
> For years I have been using "fine red flint filter gravel"  that  I purchased
> from pool supply stores that is normally used as a filtering agent in swimming
> pools.  I have always had great success with this stuff.
> Today I visited 3 different pool supply shops and none of them had this red
> flint any more.  Instead they all were selling silica sand for swimming pool
> filters.  From my understanding this is the same consistancy.but is silica
> not red flint.
> Has anyone used this stuff?  Is it as good as the stuff I used in the past?
> Is it safe?  And what possible adjustments will I have to make if I switch to
> the silica?

I've been using the silica sand (5cm) in a 50 l tank since 1992. If 
its like the stuff we get here is South Africa, it'll be very dusty, 
which you'll need to wash out. Also mulm collects on top and needs to 
be cleaned off regularily. It seems to be good for Cryptocorines 
especially. I'll be recycling whats in this tank to form 2.5cm layers 
in two 50 l tanks  on top of a soil/vermiculite substrate as soon as 
I can collect some red soil for the bottom layer. My only complaint 
is that its a bit pale, but then so is all the other aquarium gravel 
up here.


Jacques Gerber
Botany Department
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South Africa

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