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Re: Aqua Journal, Vectrapoint, and Credit Cards


I saw your response to my post on the Aquatic Plants list.  It looks like I
came across as being overly critical of the Singapore location.  My question
was really directed more to Amano being from Japan so I was wondering what the
connection was, not meaning to question your country's ability to host the
magazine.  And no, I don't really expect the USA to get special treatment, I
was just commenting out loud about how this globalization takes some getting
used to.  I guess I should have limited my comments to the real concern, which
is about use of a credit card, but I'm a stream of consciousness writer
sometimes and I really do need an editor.  BTW, would you ask James to have
them turn off those annoying flashing graphics on the website?  They really
are incongruent with the Amano "style".  <g>

Tom Wood
In Austin, Texas where the smoke gets in my eyes.