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Recommended Liquid Fertilizer (long)

Can anyone recommend a good liquid fertilizer (and/or tabs)?

And while I'm at it, coach me on what test kits to purchase, to start
keeping track of what's going on in my tanks, so I can begin to grasp the
discussions on K and P levels, etc.?

I'm going to That Fish Place in Lancaster this weekend (with a friend who's
a betta bum) and plan to make a few acquisitions...

In case the specific info is helpful, here's the info on the tanks I hope to
use the fertilizer in:

30 gal. community tank
pH 6.5 - 6.8
GH 6 deg., KH 2 deg.
No algae problems, except for an occasional BBA line along the rim of a
crispus leaf and some green spot algae on the front of the tank (nothing
unmanageable)Flourite and sand substrate, set up for about 4 months
Two bulbs (Coralife 10,000K and Aquaglow)
14 hours of light per day
Moderate fish load, inc. apistos, tetras
No CO2 (yet), but I plan to set one up soon
Plants include:  crispus, hygrophilia sp., ambulia, ludwigia, swords,
crypts, bolbitis


(since I've discovered that the apistos want to cross-breed in the 30 gal.,
and that's not an option, it's time to set up some of the spare 10's and

20H, 20L and a few 10's
old gravel, no substrate fertilizers planned (although I know I should, and
I've seen the results with the flourite in the 30 gal., I don't want to
break it all down and set it up again.  I might change my mind, depending on
how much trouble it becomes to grow the plants.  I might decide to use
fertilizer tabs (although I've never tried them before).  I've had one 10
gal. set up for about a month with some plants, for breeding apistos, and
the plants seemed to be fine.  Nothing spectacular, but...)
pH expected to range between 6.8 and 7.0 (from tap 7.5)
Hardness will be higher than the 30 gal., because I don't have that much
Light fish load (apistos and dithers)
Plants intended:  swords, java moss, crypts, stem plants depending on the
success I have with them.

I've read the krib articles on PMDD, but it's an intimidating system when
you don't know much about water chemistry, nor have a full range of test
kits at your disposal to work through the learning curve.

I'd rather stick with a commercial fertilizer mix, than mess with mixtures
that I don't even comprehend.  Any suggestions/things to watch out for would
be much appreciated.

As for test kits, I'm testing the pH, GH and KH of my tanks now.  I plan to
buy a CO2 test kit (just because I'm wary of how the CO2 injection will mess
with the natural balance of my tank.  I don't have algae problems now, or pH
problems, and I don't want the fish to suffer from a lower oxygen level).

I plan to pick up an iron test kit as well, and was considering a nitrate
test kit.  Although neither seems to be a problem (I never have yellow
leaves, or anything else I've seen described, with the exception of slow
growth.  I never even lose fish for any reason other than aggression -- and
I do plan to get rid of those labyrinth fish at the next auction).  Should I
not bother?  Are there other staples I should consider?