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Paul Krombholz wrote:

>This is a good time for me to give a plug for my method of delivering CO2.
>The air we exhale in normal breathing is between 3 and 4% CO2, which is
>about twice the concentration that would provide 20 PPM.  All one has to do
>is to exhale into a bag and then arrange to pump it into his or her tanks.
>Just sitting here and reading the daily APD is enough time to fill up a bag
>that can get the level up to 30 PPM in a 75 gallon tank.

I've noticed that if I fill my CO2 reactor (two upturned Rubbermaid
containers in the sump) by blowing through an air line, my tank PH readings
are lower than when I run with yeast generators.  Is yeast CO2 less
concentrated than "human" CO2?

Ken Cova