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Plug converter for Dupla transformer

Hi all,

This is a question for those of you who have a Dupla undergravel heating
system. I just received a complete system for my new 115 gal tank (IRS
refund :-)): Duplamat 300 transformer, Duplaflex 500 cable, cable anchors,
and temperature controller (Medusa 200, not the Tunze). The power cord of
the transformer has an european plug (two round-shape male plugs), while the
outlet of the controller is american (two flat blades and ground). So, I
went to Radio Shack and bought an adapter, but I found that the fit between
the plug and the adapter is kind of loose. That is, if I connect the
transformer plug to the adapter and hold the adapter up and shake it, the
plug slides down. I may be paranoid, but I would have expected a tighter
fit. All the european to US plug adapters that I saw in other department
stores look the same as the one from Radio Shack, so it may be that that's
the way they are supposed to fit. I was wondering what has been the
experience of other Dupla system owners. Could I just tape the plug to the
adapter to make a tighter fit? Do I have the wrong adapter?

Also, Daleco sent me a Medusa 200 temperature controller instead of the
Tunze. I assume that they are comparable items in terms of features, price,
quality. Any comments about Medusa vs Tunze?

BTW, the transformer works off 115V, 50-60 Hz, so no voltage converter is
needed; it is just the plug shape that needs to be converted.

Thanks in advance
Guillermo Vega-Toro
gvega at gte_net