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Maracide and MarOxy in planted tank

Has anyone ever used Maracide or MarOxy in a planted tank? I have a 55 gallon
planted tank with (among a few other types) about 40 neon tetras. A few of
them have obviously come down with neon tetra disease or false neon tetra
disease (there's no way to differentiate the two just by eye). I'm not even
sure either of these two medications will work anyway, but are they safe for
plants? Removing just the few obviously infected fish to a hospital tank is
not really an option, so I must treat the whole tank. According to the fish
disease book I checked, both diseases spread easily (one by sporazoa, the
other by bacteria or protozoa), are difficult to treat, and usually fatal.
The active ingriedients in Maracide  (which is recommended for external
parasites, protozoa, Chilodonella, and Trichodina) is Tris aminomethane,
Dibromohydroxymercuriflouresceien, and analine green. The dosage is one drop
per gallon for 5 days. Maroxy's active ingriedients are "stabilized chlorine
oxides". The dosage is 1 teaspoon per 20 gallons for 5 days. It is recommended
for fungal and bacterial diseases. 

Thanks for any help,