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Re: Algae, Anubias, Brown Leaves

Jesse Mathies wrote...
>I have a planted tank which has been set up for about a month and a
>half, and am having a few problems.
>First of all, thread-like algae is growing everywhere. 
>Finally, the leaves of my  Anubias are turning yellowish, especially along the edges of the leaves. 
>Tank specs are:
>25H tank 24" X 12" X 21"
>175w MH pendant lighting

175 watts of metal halide lighting on a 25 gallon tank equates to 7 watts per gallon.  That's two or three (even four) times what most tanks will do well on.  Anubias is a shade plant.  In a new tank the higher order plants are still getting established and can't use all that lighting horsepower, while the algae can.  If it were my tank, I'd raise the pendant away from the tank (or get some lower wattage) and move the Anubias under something bigger that likes light.  You didn't mention temperature or photoperiod, but the light might be heating the tank and shouldn't be on more than 12 hours a day.