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Keeping Wild Game Fish

>>From: "Kudzu" <Kudzu at airnet_net>
>>I just collected some fry from the lake I live on and set up a spare 10G
>>raise a few in and use some for feeders. Anyone have any suggestions on
>>raising them, namely food. I dont have fry food and need some suggestions
>>BTW They appear to be Largemouth Bass and one Gar.

>From: Olga Betts <sae at arts_ubc.ca>
>Hi Kudzu, I'm replying on list because I think that if you check into it
>you will find that it is illegal to keep and raise wild game fish.

You should check into it, but it's usually fine to catch an unlimited number
of "bait" fish from local ponds and streams.  And that's how the game
commissions assume you're going to use your catch.  My grandfather always
used to keep a large styro on his back porch, filled with trout fingerlings
he'd collected to use as bait.  The different between that and using them as
feeders in your own tanks is semantic -- I don't see how a game commission
reg would distinguish the two.

There are laws against keeping certain game fish, but how they're written
and what they prevent varies.  All of which is designed to prevent you from
gathering game fish and selling them -- there's apparently an active
overseas black market for sunfish and different kinds of bluegills
(beautiful fish, if you think about it).

Alysoun McLaughlin
alysoun at planetall_com