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full Auto Co2

Sorry I hit send on accident : (

I will pick up where I left off.

	Pinpoint pH controller (by American Marine Inc.)
	Regulator Gauge, appreciate suggestions
	Needle valve, appreciate suggestions
	Magnetic valve, appreciate suggestions
	Bubble counter (by Aqualine buschke, says it includes a check valve)	
	Co2 Reactor, appreciate suggestions 
	And of course a Co2 tank.

I would also like to let everyone know that this is a school project (Im a
senior in high school) so I am working with a limited budget. I am also
curious as to what species of plants would do best at temps of 84 degrees F .
I like Didiplis diandra, Glossostigma spp., Crypt. retrospilous, C. wendtii,
Eichornia azurea, Ehinodorus tenellus, E. ozelot, Saggitaria spp., Amannia
senegalensis, Rotala macrandra, R. wallichii, Barclaya longifolia, Anubias
barteri, A. coffeefolia, Aponogeton bernieranus. 

Thanks in advance 

	Matt Wolfe