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Re: Outflow noise and agitation

James Purchase wrote:

> I love the Aquaclear line of external power filters for small tanks. They
> are cheap and effective. But the constant "trickle" of water can be murder
> on sensitive nerves and ears (especially if the tank is located in the
> bedroom). I have made more midnight trips to the bathroom because of that
> sound than I care to remember.


I like Aquaclear filters as well but have had the same trouble, in addition to
worrying about the amount of surface agitation. My solution, while nowhere near as
elegant as James' remedy with Java moss, was very fast. I took an extra piece of
clear plastic from the back of a manufactured aquarium hood, cut it to size, and
fitted it onto the "ramp" that delivers water out of the Aquaclear. No glue was
necessary because the clear plastic has a sleeve of sorts on one side that fits
snuggly onto the filter. The filter is quiet, the plants are happy, I'm happy. And
spring is here!