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Flag fish & Java overflow

I want to pass this suggestion on to others looking for Flagfish. I went to
our only LFS today and took a copy of a web page I had printed out on
Flagfish. I asked the owner if he could get me some. (My hair algae is
getting worse!) He looked at the page and said "Sure! There always available
but I have just never ordered any. No one has ever asked."

He agreed to order me some and before I left he decided to order 25 of them.
After I told him why I wanted them he seemed to be real interested. I think
someone may have suggested this on the list but I am not sure. So just ask,
that may be all it takes!

"James Purchase wrote:"
>>In a dealer's tank I saw Java Moss growing emersed around the outflow of
external filter and it gave me an idea.  <snip>   now the outflow water runs
through a thicket of partially emersed Java Moss. It looks great. <<

Thanks James!! I am going to try this! I dot have any Java moss but I have
Fortinalis, maybe it will work too. Like you I have a tank in the bedroom.
The sound doesn't bother me but it drives my wife nuts!! With an open top
tank I have to add water often. Many times I have had to get up during the
night and add water to appease my wife because of the noise. I think you
idea might solve two problems for me!

Jeff <*\\><
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