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Malisan Trumpet snails

I'm worried that I may have wiped out my population of trumpet snails in
my 150 planted discus tank.  I'm treating my tank with flubenizol for
internal and external parasites.  The medication warns that it will kill
some snails.  The warning is for apple snails.  But I have not seen the
trumpets come up for the last 3 nights.  I'm worried that I have about
several thousand dead snails in my substrate.  This could spike my
bioload.  And I cant do water changes for a week, and I have to do this
treatment 2 more time, so my water is only going to be changed once a
week.  So can somone put my mind at ease, or am I in big trouble?

On the other note, anyone who wants to eliminate their snails can try this
medication.  It's pretty mild, has not affected my fish or plants.  No
color or smell.

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