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First Timer

Thanks for the information on the clown loaches. I had to make a choice
between the loaches and the plants. Even though I gave then a quarter
cucumber they still liked the plants --- so the loaches go to my son's
tank. I also have 5 siameis (just brought).

I am a newcomer to plants. I have an existing discus 55 gal. tank which has
been set up for over a year. PH is around 6.0-6.8. I filter with a fluval
303 with 2 sponges in it - return is pointed downwards to reduce surface
movement. I also have a aquaclear 303 with a sponge and peat. Temperature
30C. I have read a little - all of the FAQ on the list. However I feel like
a stranger in a forest.

My lighting is low 30w. Gravel is 2 inches thick. Guy at the pet shop gave
me some java moss (said anybody can grow this) and another plant which he
says will grow fast under low lighting. {I think after researching the
plant it is of the ceratopteris thalictroides type; which according to web
information requires high lights}.

I really would like to turn this tank to a planted environment (even
willing to let go of 2 of my 6 discus to do so), but I need to do it in
steps due to monetary considerations. What steps would you recommend? Are
there any plants that would give me the satisfaction of growing while I
inprove lighting, etc. What is the concensus on plant and substrate
fertilizer (brands would be helpful).

I am not intending a flame or war --- I am just trying to avoid mistakes.
My discus are very happy now, and as I change the tank I want them to
remain that way <grin>. Thanks in advance.