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Re: denitrification

I meant to add something here in my first response to Mr. Frank's letter, 
but overlooked it.

> > I don't know if detritrification creates NH4 (I saw this on APD, but
> > always thought that the endproduct was N2)

My understanding is that denitrification can produce several different end
products including ammonium, nitrite and nitrous oxide in addition to
nitrogen gas.  There are many different bacteria capable of denitrifying 
and different bacteria give different products.  Also, one type of 
bacteria might produce different products on different conditions.

All that aside, the dominant product under common environmental 
conditions is N2.  Ratios must be highly variable but I suspect that 
under most conditions 80% to 95% of the product will be N2.

My reference on denitrification is a little old and vague, but I think 
the generalization is reasonable.

Roger Miller