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plant trimming

Hi all,

OK, the other plant that has grown out of the water is a Apon ulvaceus. 
It appears to be a flower stem--the part that grew out it a single stem
w/a bud still inside the stem (hasn't bloomed yet), but is waving out of
the water!
Another plant that is almost to the top is a crinum natans.  I will have
to do something to it today I'm sure. 

I am very amazed how quickly these plants are growing--they are all
sending out roots like crazy--it must be my lighting(400W MH).  I do
wish they would grow sideways a bit, but I'm sure in time they will!

BTW, I'm going to attempt to take my giant pleco back today--I feel sick
about it :(  My concern is getting him OUT of the tank--it will not be

Thanks all for the info,
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