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CO2 and Water Turbulence

The reposting of George's CO2 loss test results for various water return
configurations got me to wondering if I should take some of that advice. 
I've been going through a 10# bottle of CO2 every three months or so in my
125 gal. with trickle and canister filters.  

My trickle filter return is located about 2 inches below the water line of
the tank.  I can see only the slightest bit of surface rippling as the
return water crosses the length of the tank.  I made one change to my
setup:  I turned the small plastic fan blade on the return pipe outlet
upside down and then angled the blade to about 15 degrees downward toward
the gravel.  The effect is to direct the return water slightly downward
rather than level or flat (when the blade is used in the normal manner).  I
did not raise or lower the return pipe.

The pH quickly dropped from 6.8 to 6.5 and dropping when I adjusted the
needle valve to reduce the flow of CO2.  My guess is my CO2 consumption has
been cut by one-third.  I was surprised and pleased.  George must be right
that the trickle filter box (which is where one would think the CO2 losses
would be greatest) gets filled up with CO2 and doesn't result in much loss.

Regards, Steve Dixon