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Re: Red Algae and SAEs

> From: "amc2" <amc2 at ix_netcom.com>
> Subject: Re: Red Algae
> Strangely enough, in this extremely heavily planted aquarium, I now count
> 14; so they have been breeding and two grew up (they are about 3 inches
> now). 
> Merrill

So it seems that breeding SAEs is not difficult at all; you just need
enough of them and a nice big, healthy, well planted tank - and they
will breed.  Congratulations for your young SAEs anyway.  I have recently
heard more "nearly breeding" reports here in Finland.  For instance,
a shopkeeper I know told me about this customer of his: she has a 1000
liter discus tank, and her SAEs keep on producing eggs.  But as she is 
interested just in discus, she has never bothered to save any and try
to hatch them.

Why my SAEs (all the 7 of them) have never been interested in breeding?
Ok, the two oldest ones (Galaxy and Comet) are just together, and they
both are probably males, and two of them are just babies (probably
wild caught, born last summer).  But still...  Oh bother.

And both my "SAE-tanks" are nearly free of red algae, although the
older tank (150 liters) has just the old male pair, about 7 years
old.  The 100 liter with just Ameca splendenses and few bristlenoses
has some red algae, but mostly on old Anubias leaves.  Not a big
problem, luckily.