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Re: Red Algae

Replying to Dave Whittaker's questions, yes I have seen them clean up an
aquarium of the algae that you describe!  IMHO, you just don't have enough
of them to overcome the rate of growth of this algae.  I have 12-- SAE's in
a 90 gallon heavily planted aquarium that was once loaded with this "Red
Algae", and now  you cannot find any!  Of course, they have grown and are
now 4 to 5 inches.  They seem to eat continuously, so what I feed is never
enough for them and they work over the plants.

Strangely enough, in this extremely heavily planted aquarium, I now count
14; so they have been breeding and two grew up (they are about 3 inches

I really think that you need at least one to every 10 gallons to do the

Increase the number of SAE's and I think that you will see the results that
I have -- considering that you have the correct ones that Lisa and Neil

Good Luck,