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recent order/future order

Dear Darin and Tina,
	Thank you for the recent order of plants; they arrived in very good 
condition.  Niall's crypts are great!  I had not seen a few of those 
	The Eleocharis (Hairgrass) and Micranthemum were for me.  I have 
questions on both:  The Eleocharis looks like E. vivipara, is that what you 
think it is?  I was hoping for E. acicularis (problem with common names!).  
E. acicularis is shorter (4-9inches) and doesn't have the baby plants on 
the tips of the leaves like E. vivipara does.  Any hope of finding E. 
acicularis too?
	The Micranthemum is a mystery to me:  In the Dennerle book (System 
for a Problem-Free Aquarium) three Micranthemums are pictured: M. umbrosum, 
M. micranthemoides, and M. sp. (dwarf helzine).  I suspect that what you 
sent is the dwarf helzine, due to the small leaves.  This will work out 
fine for the foreground (I'm big on foreground plants).  Question is, can 
you also find M. micranthemoides and M. umbrosum?  I would like to order 
both in an upcoming order.
	I am currently in process of redoing a 40gal and setting up a new 
20 gal tank.  I will be ordering plants for both, at different (staggered) 
times.  You have most of what I need for the 40, except maybe for M. 
micranth. and Eleocharis acic.
	For the 20, I am searching for Lagarosiphon madagascarensis, 
Eusteralis (any species for aquaria: stellata, verticillata, etc.), 
Ludwigia arcuata, and again, Mic. micranth.  I have a plan B if these are 
just not available in the U.S.
	I also need Riccia for both tanks; you mentioned it needed warmth; 
is it warm enuf yet?  There is a company in CA that has some, but not alot.
	Please let me know the availability of these plants if you can; 
again they are:
	Lagarosiphon madagascarensis
	Eusteralis spp.
	Micranthemum micranthemoides
	Micranthemum umbrosum
	Ludwigia arcuata
	Riccia fluitans  
	Eleocharis acicularis
	Thanks!  Roxanne

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