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Houston Water

> From: berzerker7 at juno_com (Robert S Spotswood)
> Subject: Rockgrass
> Living in Houston, where the water has 5+ ppm phosphates directly out of
> the tap, I have big algae problems.  Purified water does help, but is no
> cure.  The SAEs don't seem to do much and the trumpet snails are happy,
> but the algae is still winning.  I was watching a show on outdoor ponds
> and the show mentioned using something called rockgrass to control algae
> in outdoor ponds.  Does anyone have any experience with this in an
> aquarium?
> ------------------------------

Living in Houston offers the clue that solves the problem, I also live in
Houston and had been amazed at how fast tanks outside turned green with
algae your comment above helps explain the cause.

I suggest that you switch to rain water. A trash can for about six bucks
works effectively as a rain catcher, but then again in Houston you could
just wait for one of our weekly floods and bail it out of the street.

I managed to collect 300 gallons of fresh rain water from last nights
thunderstorm which only lasted an hour.

Having a somewhat obsessive nature, I just finished erecting one of those
above ground swimming pools from Wal-Mart for a hundred and thirty bucks as
a rain water storage tank for 2,500 gallons.

Got to go, I am squeezing three more tanks into my bedroom today, doing
this by moving two into the living room.

Best Wishes David.