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DIY CO2 system using IV parts

Hi Jerome,

This sounds interesting/promising. I just had a catastrophic failure of
a DIY 2L bottle/yeast system today, so I'm looking for alternative low-
cost solutions... Could you please post a description of parts used,
configuration, and rough costs?



>> I built a DIY CO2 system with a IV solution (or blood) system. It comes
>> with everything that we need to do it! Reactor, valve, drop counter(used
>> as a reactor) and good quality lines! Everything for little money and
>> just one trip to the drugstore (or hospital or doctor). No need of
>> silicon glue, however, I used it as a prevention for leaks.
>> Send my a mail if you are interested in the procedures. (I used BAXTER
>> equipment)
>> Jerome, from Buenos Aires, the Tango city