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Plant eating loaches!

Farzan wrote:

" All of a sudden, one or some of the fish have started eating the new   
  shoots of my Amazon swords and other plants in my 75G planted tank."

It is most likely your Clown loaches.  I have a small school of them (5) 
in one of my planted tanks and every once in awhile they do the same 
thing to the new shoots on my Amazon Swords. The last time they did this 
I started adding some Spirulina flakes to my feeding routine and they 
haven't been munching on the swords since.  I'm not absolutely sure that 
the flakes solved the problem (they may have just decided to stop) but I 
tend to think they were missing something "green" in their diets and 
the Spirulina satisfied the need. 

Try adding some "greens".  

Dan Cole, Mail Order Pet Supplies
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