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Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #686

AQ>From: "David Jones" <pommie at concentric_net>
AQ>Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #685
        Needle valve:
AQ>> > >wants to try it, Tower Hobbies has a needle valve for just 3.** $ !!
AQ>> > >Its the needle valve used for the Tower hobbies .40 engine.
AQ>> > >Tower phone is 1-800-637-6050
AQ>> > >Jerome

AQ>Hi Jerome,
AQ>	I appreciate the advice and telephone number, but i discovered it was
AQ>inadequate information for tower hobbies to understand what i was
AQ>	It took aboIt four hours to actually connect as there phone seems to be
AQ>insisted that I needed a part number or a model identity,. they reeled off
AQ>a whole alphabet of possibilities and i was unable to be more specific
AQ>about what I needed.

AQ>The unit I agreed to accept wound up at about $17.00 dollars after they
AQ>doubled the price for shipping.

AQ>If possible provide more details so that I can specify the correct one.

AQ>Much Thanks David

Dear David,
I read again that Tower catalog and YES there is a needle valve for 3.49
However, what I am now thinking is that this part is just the needle. We
need the needle and the "body" where it is screwed. On page 234 of this
catalog, there is a complete list of the T.H. .40 engine parts.
I bet that what we need is the Needle Valve T40 ABC (TOWG4880)-3.49$-
AND the Spraybar Assembly Angled T40 ABC (TOWG5220)-6.99$-
I am sorry for that "weak" info..
but it's a good price for a needle valve!
I have recently found a bag with several pipes, bags, valves and drop
counters from a blood and IV solution system. (The ones that hangs up
near the patient in the hospitals) Everything from Baxter lab.
I'll let you know what can be useful from there. It seems to be