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Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #686

Aquatic Plants Digest) said on 05/03/97 at 03:39 PM:

>It took about four hours to actually connect as there phone seems
>to be very busy. When I did get through and read your suggestion to
>them they insisted that I needed a part number or a model
>identity,. they reeled off a whole alphabet of possibilities and i
>was unable to be more specific about what I needed.

>The unit I agreed to accept wound up at about $17.00 dollars after
>they doubled the price for shipping.

Gee, I called too, they found the part right off (maybe that is
because I know a tiny bit about model aircraft), and are sending it
for $3.49 TOTAL!


Dave Gomberg, FormMaestro!    gomberg at wcf_com