re:Palnts Hanging On, Otos and Anubias Division

>From: krandall at world_std.com (Karen A Randall)
>> One last things that you might do is lower your water level as m
>> way.  Your fish load might be too much for this, but your plants
>> probably grow much faster with the tripled light intensity and r
>> to CO2 that they will get when growing emersed.
>The plants may get more CO2 being allowed to grow emersed, but the 
>parts of the plants in the water will receive _less_ light than in 
>a tank filled as much as possible.  The further away from the 
>water surface the light is hung, the more light you lose.

The reason I wrote that the light intensity is roughly tripled is because
not only do you get no loss due to reflection off of the water's surface in
the emersed leaves, but you also get the reflection from the water's
surface under the emersed leaves.  I've found that plants growing in these
conditions can make do with quite a bit less light than they normally
require to grow emersed.  The sumbersed growth of these same plants doesn't
seem to be hurt too much either.

Just relating my experience.

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