Re: Plants just hanging on.......

> Subject: Plants just hanging on in 10g
>> I have a 10 gallon in my office, where the plants are just hangi
>> specs:  ph 6.8, total hardness ~120ppm, total alkalinity ~20 ppm
>> 1 15watt aqua-glo (minimal, I know but all that will fit in the 
>> 5ml of Kent's freshwater plant supplement twice a week; fish loa
>> tetras, 1 neon, 2 albino cory's, 1 oto.  I would call this a spa
>> somewhat moderately planted tank, depending on your definition :
>> hygrophila difformis (sp?), hygrophila angustifolia, and micro s
>> the plants are just kind-of holding their own, and maybe even sl
>> diminishing.  I am filtering with an aqua-clear jr., no carbon, 
>> admittedly sparse partial water changes.  Any idea why the plant
>> doing so poorly?
>I think you've answered your own question.
>- - Poor light
>- - No supplemental CO2
>- - No regular water changes
>and probably
>- - nutrient poor (plain gravel) substrate

In addition to what Karen wrote:

Another thought on the subject may be too much fertilization.  Try a 
25% water change and don't use the fertilizer.  The plants may be 
"burning up" as in terrestial plants when they are over-fertilized!  
Actually, I only use fertilizer to start off a new aquarium; then only 
Iron and Manganese (like "Flora-boost").  And, how old is your 15 wt. 
tube?  Aqua-Glows don't seem to be effective for even 6 months for me.

Good luck!