turtles and water lilies

> We just planted 3 water lillies two days ago.  I found a dozen stems 
> neatly snipped off and floating in the water this afternoon.   We have 
> gold fish in the pound and a turtle set up housekeeping about a month 
> ago.  It was my understanding that gold fish do not harm water lillies.  
> Could the turtle be the culprit.  (We pulled the water lillies out of 
> the pound and they are now in buckets until we can determine who/what is 
> doing them in.)  Thanks.

You don't specify what kind of turtle you have  - probably red-eared 
slider. I am pretty much sure the turtle is the culprit - they 
sometimes eat plants and even more often they just damage them while swimming 
around the pond/tank. 


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