Good Book Anyone? - No flames please - I'm just learning

Can someone point me to a good book on aquatic plants? Something that
DOES delve into scientific names and tech info, but also will give me
some STARTING points? 

I have a nice tank, and want to "dense it out" with plants. Tank is 55
gal acrylic outfitted with UGF, 2 different gravel diameters (I put
smaller gravel on top of large where I think I want plants densest - I
assume the roots will "grab" better to this - but I'm guessing) The tank
currently has 1 Triton (30 watts) and I have a couple of other
non-Triton grow lites in different spectral ranges waiting for a weekend
project of building a hood that will allow me to "change the spectrum"
to suit MY desires - not necessarily to help the plants.

All info on good "plantkeeping" is appreciated. I currently have a
female betta - 4 Giant Danios - 4 Black Skirt Tetras - 2 bala sharks and
a crab. Are any of these going to "belly up to the salad bar" that I'm
trying to create?