SAE's spotted in Austin--the next day

     >I just bought a 3" SAE at Pet Corral in south Austin for $2.49--they 
     >got a couple dozen in this week.  They call them flying foxes, but I 
     >brought in Neil and Liisa's article and verified that they are indeed 
     >SAE's --lateral stripe through the tail, and no upper stripe (I'm 
     >also the proud owner of a false SAE, bought years ago).
     >Amazonia also has SAE's, but they sell out quickly.  They call them 
     >Siamese flying foxes.
     After spending the night in my aquarium, my SAE relaxed and got his 
     regular colors--I am now the proud owner of a flying fox!  At the 
     shop, the golden stripe and dark fins were nonexistent, but he's got 
     them now!  Sigh.  He just looks at me, mockingly.  The false SAE has 
     also been smirking.
     I'm going to need a bigger aquarium if this keeps up!
     Amazonia still claims to have the real thing.