Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #121

> Hi.
> > From: TYELLA at aol_com
> > Date: Sun, 4 Aug 1996 00:48:26 -0400
> > Subject: Sealant help, please
> >
> >      Could someone please email me or post to the list the name of a safe
> > sealant to use on/in aquaria.  I've checked the labels of several types of
> > silicone, and they say "not recommended for use in aquariums".
> >      Thanks in advance for any help.
> >                 Tony Thorpe
> Here in South Africa  I use Bostik marine ( label says made in
> England) and have never had any problems with it before. Apparently
> it is specialy designed for aquarium and marine use.
> Hope it helps.
> Peter van Gils
> vangils at pixie_co.za

I think Elmer's makes a safe sealant, & I've seen another brand for sale
at wall mart too. They're clearly labeled safe for aquarium or food
service use.
Sorry about this late post.

Dan Santangelo