Nutrient Deficient?

	Recently I have been starving the plants in my tank in an attempt 
to control a hair algae outbreak. The plants seemed to have enough stored 
up for a few days but in the last couple of days I have noticed some 
changes. The leaves on some of my bunch plants have developed (or grown 
in with, I can't tell if its one or both) some very translucent spots. 
The spots look like hundreds of little tiny bruises. 
	The question is: Is this a sign of nutrient deficency? The NO3 
levels in the tank have been near 0 for the last couple of months, the 
PO4 has been 0 for the last 2 weeks and I have not added any micro or 
macro nutrient supplements for about 3 weeks. The swords look fine as do 
the other plants (barclaya, lilly, crypts, lileopsis, hygrophila, 
etc...). I have been changing the water with ddH20 and have only been 
hardening the water a little bit (4 KH) but not adding and other 
chemicals. The pH is 6.7, temp 78.


(I would have looked in the Krib but it is down... If anyone has the list 
of plant nutrient deficiencies and symptoms, please email it to me! Thanks.)