Phosphates and fish food

>> We have NEVER had a nitrogen deficiency in our heavily planted,
>> heavily "fished", vigorously growing systems. 
>Yes, but how about the phosphates? 

One thing that I've found in my tanks is that if I keep adding chelated iron to
the water, the phosphate content seems to lower.  

I don't have a phosphate test kit, but I've noticed that most algaes (red and 
blue) in my tanks have reacted quite negatively to increased additions of Dupla
drops over a period of time.

I remember reading several times here that iron binds with phosphate and both 
of them settle out of the water.  This may be part of what's happening in 
George's tanks.  This, coupled with the large, regular water changes that he 
does could keep waterborne phorphorus levels relatively low (I think).

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