>From: John Lobingier <jlob at wpa_net>
>Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 03:41:09 GMT
>Subject: Re:  Holes In Leaves
>Hi,  Great timing for this question because I have holes develope in my
>leaves when I do a trimming.  The only reasons I have read that would cause
>holes are snails, fish, or a lack of a nutrient.  My swords however will get
>holes in the leaves if I pull some of the older leaves off.  This only
>happens to new leaves, not to the mature leaves.  What happens is that the
>new emerging leaves come out with holes in them.  The only reason I can
>think of is shock. 

Plants store and recycle some nutrients from the older leaves to the new
ones. When you remove the old leaves, you are removing some of the available
supply of potassium.

Neil Frank, TAG editor    Aquatic Gardeners Association    Raleigh, NC USA