Hi, it's the idiot with the 55g tank again. Right now I have all one level
of gravel on the bottom of my tank, but am considering redecorating with a
three tier setup, where one third will be two inches deep, another third
four inches deep, and the back wall will be six inches deep. I figured I'd
put in stone walls to keep the tiers in place. My question(s) is/are:
1) What freshwater arrangement would you all recommend with regard to root
depth, cleanability (new word, you may borrow it), appearance, etc> I was
thinking of keeping my water sprite towards either the two inch or four inch
depth since they are so tall and lanky, but if I crop them back would they
do better with more rootable (another word?) depth? 
1a) What short (less than 12 inches tall) plant would you recommend that
would enjoy having 4 to 6 inches of rootable area?
2) With regard to the fish, should I take them out and put them in a bucket
(I only have one tank) to reduce their stress during the "rennovation?"
3) Can the rooted plants float while I remodel or should I design some sort
of temporary home?
4) If I do all of this do I run a risk of going through "new tank" syndrome
all over again?
Thanks in advance. Signed, Ignorant in Florida
I don't know all of the answers, but I know Who to ask. ;)