Compact Flourescent Lighting

Alok Chaudhari said in response to my topic on a new compact flourescent
light system:

>Compact Fluorescents are great... They last forever and are
>very intense. However, I think you got ripped off if you are talking
>about the same fixture that I think you are talking about.  They are
>not new either, a lot of reef keepers have been using them for a
>long time and there are a large variety of sizes and wattages.

No these are not what you are thinking of, Alok; coming from a reef
background, and a more DYI background, I have spent hours in Home Depot,
Light Bulbs Unlimited and Davis Flourescent... I have always thought CF's
were great--especiallly with the adapters to make them fight into regular
candescent bulb fixtures... But these bulbs I posted about are like nuttin'
I've ever seen--they look like pitchforks: Four SEPERATE tubes per bulb,
each tube about 5/8"-6/8" wide...

I have no idea of the lumen output--but after 7 years in
reefkeeping/professional reef maintenance here in L.A.--I've worked
with/seen most of all of it; Dupla's intial "Duplalux LI" (HQI-T bulbs),
Energy Saver's 175W MH at first, then the great little 100W....Osram Power
Stars MH.... Flourescents of all kinds--VHO, HO, Parlumes, Radiant
Blues.... And my eye for light was more than impressed with these new Power
Compact bulbs... They are so small and cool that I just pop open the
canopy, make my water change, or fiddle with the heater, or harvest out the
Hygro 'sperma, then BAM, close the canapoy and I'm outta there in 9 minutes

No, this probably isn't the answer for the hard core DYI'er (it's much too
hassle free!).... But for those of us that want a small, compact, and MH
bright light source, and DON'T want 4-5 24" flourescent bulbs staggered
over a 30" tank to light all of it, or maybe don't want some Mickey Mouse
shop light fixtures rusting over our beloved plant tank, I don' think it
can be beat....

My only complaint is that it lights up three feet of wall on either side of
the tank... Oh, well, I guess I shouldn't complain about a free reading
light for my living room!

The distrubutor is:

                Advanced Aqua Tanks
                Gardena, California
                (310) 538-4282

The main bulb (not the fixture!) in debate is marked:

                PowerCompact 27W
                6700K Ultra-daylight
                Linear Quad
                Custom Sealife, Inc.

And thanks all for the advice on the Tetra CO2 system--I will definetely
pass on it thanks to your insights!


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