Brown Otocinclus

Karen wrote:

You'll have to be a little more specific than that, there are at 
least several species of Otocinclus.  One type that has been 
coming in under the name "O. flexis" (but probably isn't) has 
turned out to be a plant eater and fin nipper.  Is that what 
you're hinting at?

	I know that the fish is not a O. flexis - I have owned one 
before. BTW, my flexis was very docile and never hurt anything - plants 
included. That fish was hard to find.
	The fish I have now is NOT a flexis. It is EXTREMELY jumpy and I 
have had a hard time getting a good look at it in my tank. I don't think 
that this fish would be able to harm anything from the way it seems to 
act. Anyway, what are some species of oto that fit the short desciption I 
gave. Again, I know it is not a O. affinis or O. Flexis.
	I have not seen it "at work" and I will keep everyone posted on 
its algae eating abilities and any negative points. I will try to 
identify it as soon as possible.


P.S. I guess I am getting ahead of myself by reading the archives before 
the Digest comes out... Excuse any redundancies.