RE : Subject: Tetra CO2 System...?

I will not suggest this tiny toys. I have problem to find a local weldding company to 
re-fill the Tetra co2 cylinder even the pet shop who carried the package told me it will 
easily find a one to do this job. Make sure you can find the co2 source before you made 
the decision. Also the performance/cost is bad. Sandpoint and UltreLife (?) have the 
co2 package whcih is much more worth.  The best way to do is goto the local welding shop 
to get a 2.5 or 5 pound co2 and a nice regualtor. In my case I spend about $50 to get  
the cylinder and $110 for a very nice regulator. Make sure regulator can control
the co2 amout very precisely.

GKO @ Sunny Cupertino